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르도헤 이용권으로 소중한 분들께 감사의 마음을 전하세요
*직접 수령 및 온라인 QR코드 전송
르도헤 이용권으로 소중한 분들께 감사의 마음을 전하세요 *직접 수령 및 온라인 QR코드 전송



-Product exchange vouchers and gift vouchers have an initial validity period of 1 year. This gift voucher can only be used at Le Dohe stores.

-Refund Policy / 1. Unused product exchange voucher (based on purchase price) Refund conditions: 100% refund before the first expiration date, 90% refund possible after the expiration 2. Unused value voucher (based on the purchase price) Refund conditions: After the first expiration date 100% refund before, 90% refund after expiration 3. Conditions for refund of balance for value vouchers 1) When more than 60/100 of the face value (80/100 for vouchers under 10,000 won) is used before the expiration of the initial validity period Return the balance (however, it is calculated according to the usage ratio based on the purchase price and the balance is calculated based on the remaining ratio) 2) After the initial expiration date, 90% of the amount subject to return as above can be refunded. 4. Refund requester: Final holder.


*Refund request is  You can visit the store or call the customer center at (051-747-8522).

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